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Helmer Cat Litter  $4.72/25 #*

*Bring your own bucket, cash price, credit or debit price is $5.30/25#

Yes! Now you can save huge amounts of money on cat litter by bringing in your old buckets and getting them filled with 8 mesh Helmer Cat Litter. It has been carefully dried, ground and had as much dust as possible removed.   

Why waste money? Let us refill your empties for 1/3 the cost in the store… plus, here it takes only seconds to come in, buy and load your car from our convenient, easy parking area. I will even help you load them if you need help.

Examples of savings:  $4.72 +0.28 tax = $5.00/ 25 LB Bucket (20 cents/ LB). Compare this to the $12.00 + 0.95 tax for a 40 LB Bag at Costco (32 cents/LB). You save money AND TIME when you buy here, plus, all the money you spend stays here in the local economy.