Wendt Pottery Class Description Page

Wendt Pottery Class Description Page 2018

Take a mini lesson for just $10.00. It lasts about 15 minutes and includes instruction, materials an firing of one pot. Call for an impromptu session on short notice if the desire and time are right for you.

Class costs $25.00 per 30 minute session  with an additional 30 minutes of practice time after (materials and firing are extra). We offer classes and teaching times by appointment at all levels from novice to advanced.. Fees range from $1.00/ minute. to $50.00 per hour so depending upon the skill level of the learner, you may cover a topic in a very short time or it may take longer. Materials are charged at the wholesale rate of $0.30/lb and firing costs $0.04/ cubic inch including the use of our cone 10 glazes. We also have a slab roller and an extruder to allow you to do sculpture and hand built projects. We have 4 wheels and can accommodate 8 students at one time. Advanced learners and production potters can learn high speed production techniques which will improve hourly output in the production of dinnerware and serving pieces.

Studio rental program offers partial or full access to our studio for potters who do not want classes but need a place to work. Cost is $7.50/hour or $150.00 per month for full access during regular business hours.

Intern work for space program offers partial or full access to our studio for potters who  want to work for a mutually agreeable time in a production studio setting an refine their production skills in all phases of studio practice. Products produced during the time are sold to cover the cost of instruction and work space and if any extra money is left from that production, it is split 50:50 between the studio and the potter. This program also offers after hours work space access.

Currently rented:

There is a large studio apartment available upstairs which rents for $400 per month, Included is heat, electricity, water, sewer, garbage and laundry facility making this a very affordable option. It is large enough that two people could share the cost and come work here in the summer for a month or two to get their feet wet in the studio pottery setting.

Consulting services are also available by phone for problems which arise in production and cost $1.00 per minute with a $5.00 minimum.


Bring a friend and share a wheel for the same cost as one person… $7.50/ hour plus materials and firing… more output for less cost plus great fun!