Feldspar Usage Survey
Help us design the Moose Creek Feldspar Plant

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yb feldspar survey

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Please list you estimated sales of these products each year in tons only.

_________________Potash Spar

_________________Soda Spar

_________________Low Fe Silica


We intend to offer competitive pricing for all of these products plus very beneficial shipping rates due to the constant need for backhaul loads from the west coast going east.

The main characteristics of the Helmer-Bovill Clay, Silica and Feldspar residual ore deposits are:

Very Low Iron Content

Very Low Titanium Content

Massive deposits of uniform character

Please list any sample requirements you might need such as quantity and packaging in order to satisfy yourself that these products will meet or exceed your customers' expectations.

Quantity needed to test:

_________________Potash Spar

_________________Soda Spar

_________________Low Fe Silica


You may print out this survey form and mail it to:

Michael Wendt

Wendt Pottery

2729 Clearwater Ave.

Lewiston, ID 83501-3234

email wendtpot@lewiston.com