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As time permits, I will list more equipment and supplies on this site. Current list: Bowl glazer, Turn Table, Potter's wheels , hydraulic extruder, slab roller,  power screen. Soon to appear: small plate claw for glazing, large plate claw for glazing, toothed measure for sizing, lid gauges, measuring float stick for cut off, trim tools, burnishing tools, trim box, reams for holes, and more.


Here is a view of the rod glazer which clamps to a table for glazing bowls. The bowl sits on top of the rubber covered bearing and allows easy rotation during glazing. Notice the excess gets captured and returns to the glaze bucket for continued use. Cost= $50.00 plus S & H. To the right is the banding wheel I use based on the same kind of bearing joined to a pulley with a piece of shafting. These all rotate so smoothly that fine lines and banding are easy to do.



Above is the wheel I built and have used since 1976. It is a 6V poly v belt drive powered by a 1 hp permanent magnet DC motor. The next wheel shown is the elevator wheel I built for making very large pots. The gear drive operates a jack screw at the back of the wheel, raising or lowering it as the size of the pot changes. It also features a threaded wheel head so the splash pan is seamless and very easy to clean. The wheel on the right is my portable for shows and demonstrations. 

Above is a hydraulic jack extruder which top loads. The high pressure developed makes it possible to use clays that would be too stiff for a hand powered extruder so the pieces are much more stable and easy to handle.  The next photo is a fully adjustable slab roller with bi-directional gear drive for fast use. Slabs can be  up to 24 " wide and as long as you like with this unit since the board moves through the twin rollers and is compressed from both above and below at the same time. Cycle times are reduced because the gear drive can feed the board both directions with equal ease. The power screen at the right makes screening clay and glazes fast and easy. Oscillation is induced by an offset weight which rotates on the shaft near the screen plane between two bearings. The weight of the motor combined with its distance from the shaker weight means the top of the unit vibrates very little when compared to the bottom where the screen is located. An aluminum funnel can be placed beneath the screen (which you can see is the top half of a standard 4 gallon bucket), when a small container is used to collect the screen output.

Above left is the plate claw which can dip plates up to 12" in diameter into shallow volumes of glaze with ease. At the right is the stress relieving plate claw I use for detailed glazing. Notice the forearm straps which carry all the weight, relieving the usual stress on the hand and wrist. The claw can be configured to fit small plates all the way up to large platters. See how it holds the plate even upside down with ease.

Lid gauges make the production of canisters, crocks, teapots and other lidded vessels much easier because the drop in portion is easy to check with the mouth portion of the gauge while the opening size of the canister is checked with the straight part of the gauge. Lid flange width can be checked against the protrusion to make sure the flanges are all the same overhang. To the right is the gauging float stick for cups and goblet bodies and stems. Different heights of gauges can be made to accommodate different height needs.


There were some requests to see better detail of the gear drive linkage on the slab roller. It is a 4 gear system with interlocked swing links to hold the transmission in correct alignment. This permits full range height adjustment as well as bi-directional feed. The large bake tile is 1/4" thick and was made with this system.

Pictured above is the new laser dilatometer currently under testing.771

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