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Mixed or Dry Clay Direct Mail

No need to waste space on storage...  just order it as you need it since it arrives in 3 days and is always fresh and soft.


We now offer mixed Helmer porcelain cone 10 for  $ $29.45  for 514 cubic inches (about 38 lbs) delivered anywhere in the 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii ($13.45 for fast insured  shipping + $16.00 for the clay).

IMPORTANT NOTE!   the postal service regularly increases the cost of the flat rate box... when I started the box cost $8.40. Now it is 11.30.  The actual cost of your shipment will always reflect the current cost of shipping regardless of what appears here on the web site since updating the pricing will often lag the actual price.

  We can also ship 20 LBS of Helmer 10 mesh dry for flashing slip for $20.00  ($13.45 shipping + $6.55 for the clay). These offers are good until postal rates change. Pictured to the right is the clay cube which will ship 1 cubic foot of Helmer. Your price is the actual cost of shipping plus the purchase price of $0.18/LB for the clay (weight will vary).  It eliminates the need for the paper bag because it is lined with a plastic bag. It can be reshipped via UPS without the need to do additional packing and so, saves you time and money. Boxes are also less prone to shipping damage resulting is less product loss and better profit and boxes only cost $0.25 more per 50 lbs of clay than the Kraft multiwall paper bags.



Pictured is mixed clay ready to ship. On the bottom near the back are full pallets of stretch wrapped bagged Helmer. Full pallets are always the most economical way to buy clay but we also sell clay in single bag quantities. If you come to Lewiston and bring your own containers, you can save $20.00 per ton off the regular price of the Helmer clay. If you can handle bulk bags, Helmer is now available in 10 mesh, 20 mesh  and fines screened 30 mesh ($350.00/ ton). Airfloat is limited in supply and costs $450.00/ton.

Pottery Packaging

Our pottery is packaged in a way that allows us to guarantee safe arrival or the items are replaced free including shipping. Over the last 40 years the packing has been refined to assure all your purchases arrive in perfect condition. Most are sail carded to stabilize and protect them. In the event you need to return an item, be sure to save the packing and repack it in the same manner and add more styrofoam to the box if it is not drum tight.


Packing begins at the box table where the panels are cut the exact size of the box. Tape tabs are then cut to assure the piece cannot reach the side of the box. 


The piece is wrapped in paper to prevent tape residue from sticking to the glaze. The tabs are bent over the edge of the piece and taped to hold the item centered in the box. Styrofoam is layered below, around and above each piece. The cardboard sails prevent migration and also add great edge crush resistance.


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