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This web page lists other potters who make work that you might like to examine. Their work is on display at our showroom here in Lewiston, Idaho.

If you are a potter and would like to be listed here, please email me your link and I will place it on this page. This is a reciprocal offer so I request that you do the same for my site  and thanks!

Barb Wendt  see her own web site at


Barb and 3 year old Krystina throwing pots together. A future potter?


  5.5 "raku vase          8" wide shell bowl                       7" raku vase                  8" blue shallow bowl        8" brown and white mixed porcelain

Carolyn Guy


10" covered jar             6.5" pitcher                   7" casserole                                     10.5" plate                                   9" altered bowl

Jeanne Wood


       8" carved plate                     5.5" carved stein     4.25" carved mug   4.5" carved cruet   8" carved pitcher        7" carved bowl

Judith Marvin


14.5" covered jar  8.5" cane handled vessel       5" pit fired pot                      7" x 12" hand built oval baker            7 piece sushi set

Merrilyn Reeves

12" woven porcelain basket       9.75" woven porcelain basket                9" colander                               4" honey pots                  2.25" cube salt and pepper set

Lizette Fife


    6"  and 5" floral bowls                    5" floral bowl                              3.75" tile                       4.25 tile                      3.75" tile


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