Wendt Pottery Microbat throwing system 201

Microbat system for throwing small wares on the bat.

The concept is very much like throwing off the hump. The diameter of the bat is the same as the base diameter of the piece making consistency easy.

Also, since the elevation is at the same level as my 12 LB hump, the shape is easy to see and keep consistent as can be seen in the next photo.

Below is a variety of work that was done on microbats... coffee mugs, soup mugs, creamers and sugar bowls.

In the view below, the boxes on the right contain nearly 100 bats. Their chief advantage is they take up no more room than the base diameter of the pot and also eliminate the bottom cracking problem that can sometimes occur from throwing off the hump. The microbat is part of a comprehensive production system that also includes laser measurement and a cutoff harp to make set work faster and less tedious.

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