My Palouse Series of glazes is based upon the scenery as one nears Moscow, Idaho. That is Moscow Mountain in the background with the grain fields in the foreground. The next view is looking south towards Lewiston, Idaho. The haze is farm dust from tillage.

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Dinnerware Items  (mugs, goblets, bowls and plates)

Below are the various cups, bowls, plates and goblets I make along a description and with the prices for each item. All items are sold open stock. Proof matching for size and color are available at extra cost as is custom work.

Mug styles    CC                              CT


Shown above is the style CC in White Mountain Glaze        above is the style CT in Mt St Helens glaze

3.25" Diameter X  4.25" Height, 11 -12 ounce capacity  Cost   $ 17.80 each , ship weight 2 lbs

Goblet styles  GC                           GT


Shown above is goblet style GC in Mt St Helens glaze        above is goblet style GT in Oatmeal glaze

3.25 " Diameter  X  8 " Height  , 11 - 12 ounce capacity  cost $21.50 each  ship weight 2 lbs.

Bowl styles   BC                             BT


Shown above is bowl style BC in white mountain glaze   above is bowl style BT in custard mountain glaze

6 " diameter  X  2.5 " height  14- 16 ounce capacity in this size  cost is $14.00 each ship wt  2 lbs each

Plates     salad plate    dinner plate


Shown above are the 8.0 " diameter salad plate and the 10.5 " diameter dinner plate in custard mountain

salad plate cost is $18.25 each  ship weight is 3 lbs, dinner plate cost is  $25.75 each  ship weight is 4 lbs


All dinnerware is high fire cone 10 porcelain made of Helmer clay mined in Idaho. These lead and cadmium free glazes have been tested by Alfred Analytical for safety and have passed all release requirements currently in effect for potable water by a wide margin (potable water standards are more stringent because people drink lots of water). They are dishwasher and microwave safe and are intended for everyday hard use.

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