Bearing re-lubrication instructions:

1)  use a clean paper towel to remove all dirt from the zerk (the silver part sticking out of the bearing). You see a small bead blocking the hole where the grease goes into the bearing. The grease gun has tip that you press straight onto the zerk. I always purge the tip in case dirt has gotten onto the grease there.

2) the bearing and shaft should be rotating as you add grease to better distribute it to all the balls in the ball cage.

3) apply very light pressure to the handle and stroke it very slowly over several seconds because a hard fast pumping action can blow the grease seals out on the bearing allowing dirt into the moving parts and reducing service life. The ideal greasing sees just a tiny rim of grease gradually appearing where the seal meets the rotating inner bearing race that is attached to the shaft. More than that is not better.

4) tilt the grease gun tip sideways to allow removal and wipe up excess grease.

This is a four bolt flange mounted pillow block

This side view lets you see the zerk's shape that makes the grease gun tip detent hold it in place during greasing.

To grease the bottom bearing of a kick wheel, it may be required that you tip the kick wheel over 90 degrees to access the zerk. On items like this, I buy fittings and copper tubing to allow the zerk to be located at a more convenient place that does not require tipping the wheel over at all.