You've made a beautiful pot. It is sold to an appreciative customer who proudly displays it. One day, years later, they

decide to buy another but cannot find your card. They look on the bottom of the pot and find all they need to re-connect

with you. Here's how...

The Bottom Stamping Method

After practice, the stamp becomes much clearer and easier to read.

Remember... it is fired on so it never comes off!

Here's how it is done:


The fired inks I use today consist of 1/3 frit 3134, 1/3 Helmer Kaolin (airfloat), 1/3 Mason stain 6616. I still use Van Son rubber based ink as the vehicle. A drop of ink is placed on a metal plate along with an equal amount of the powder and a few drops of paint thinner to wet the dry powder first. Rolling the brayer while sliding it sideways blends the materials thoroughly.


When the plate is uniformly covered, I test the print a few times on a piece of paper and adjust the amount of thinner until the stamp gives a clear print. The brayer is used to ink the stamp because you can carry it right up to the pots and save time. Since this ink contains frit and stain, I use a special bottom wax I developed that prevents porcelain from sticking to kiln shelves as well as preventing the ink from sticking to the shelf. One nice feature of the wax I developed is it retains its resist properties much longer than regular wax resist.

This special formulation  is available for $8.00/pint plus shipping. Just call 208-746-3724.


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